Polytech was established in 2002 by Pierre Albertyn as a thermoforming service to the engineering, signage, display, set building and architectural industries.

Over the last 15 years, Pierre and his team at Polytech pioneered digital print-to-vacuum in South Africa and have become South Africa’s premier thermoforming and vacuum moulding manufacturer.

Pierre and his team at Polytech have become South Africa’s leaders in digitally printing on a flat sheet and then vacuum forming with 100% registration. To achieve such perfect registration on very large format is exceptionally difficult, and Polytech’s expertise on this are well-known in South Africa and internationally.

Polytech’s speciality is to digitally print and vacuum form full colour 3D shapes and moulded signage, from small point of sale displays to large 3D billboards

Polytech operates both small and grand format vacuum formers with a single draw capability of 800 x 660 mm up to 3.2 x 2.0 m, and is therefore capable of forming almost any size of material available.

Pierre operates an impressive operation at Polytech, producing huge amounts of work of the highest standards with a small team. Polytech is very much a business with a family ethos, operating with a small team of ten employees who have all worked for the company for a long time, becoming specialists in the field of thermoforming, vacuum moulding and print-to-vacuum.

Over the years, Pierre has procured an impressive range of machinery to do the best possible job.

Polytech’s customers enjoy personal and expert service from Pierre himself.